Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've been struggling recently College For Witches. The story was supposed to be about the struggles of a young girl starting college and dealing with all the normal problems a girl her age has to, along with some not so normal ones that came from her unconventional upbringing as a Wicca.

What it turned into was a teen romance story. The magic element was barely even in the story and it was supposed to be a main plot point. In short, the original story had gotten lost underneath the intense amount of heat that El and Aiden felt for each other. Excluding a couple particular steamy scenes, I wasn't a fan of where the story was headed.

But tonight, after writing a little more romantic drivel, I had one of the moments I love. An "Aha!" moment. All of the sudden, something clicked into place and I knew how to get the story back on track. A character who is going to be very important in the coming chapters finally came back out of hiding and everyone started to behave according to plan.

Apparently, Elvira and Aiden just really needed to have sex. Before they were uncooperative and stubborn. Now they're content, helpful, and playing by my rules again. And I'm back to liking what I'm writing.



Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Excellent. Aha rocks, especially when writing. :)

Paranormalchick said...

HEHEHE I love it when things just click :) Welcome to AW blog roll! Can't wait to see some teasers!

Scarlett said...

Heh. See? Letting your book become a characterocracy works.

And sex cures all ills. Or at least it did in this instance. :D

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