Friday, November 6, 2009

Sometimes, Procrastination Pays Off

I was feeling a little down this morning. So instead of working on my NaNo like I should have been, I spent a good deal of time looking up pictures of beautiful people. After about fifteen minutes, I thought to myself "Why should I be the only one who benefits from my procrastination?"

On that note, let me introduce to some of my new favorites,

Mr. Christian "Sexiest Batman Ever" Bale-
Mr. Hugh "Not afraid to sing and dance" Dancy:

Mr. Jared "How did it take me this long to realize how beautiful you were?" Leto:

There you go. Feel free to benefit off the fruits off my laziness.


Amna said...

You have Hugh Dancy.

I shall love you forever.

Paranormalchick said...

Nummy!!!!!! I'm thinkin' we should all post a Hottie of the week pic now on our blogs *wink* :)

Amanda said...

Hottie of the week?

Try hottie of the day!

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