Friday, November 14, 2008

Halfway Through...

Well, the month is halfway done. My NaNo, not so much. I'm sitting at 13,563 words and I'm supposed to be at 25,000. Life has been really kicking me in the face. I got my wisdom teeth out two days ago, so I've been spending most of that time asleep. My work hours have also picked back up, which I would have killed for last month. But this month, not so much. It's making me wish I was out of a job. On the bright side, this is probably the longest story I've ever written. I just have to push myself harder so I give up.
As for the actual story itself, I'm not a huge fan of where it's going. My MC is falling for the lead male way to fast and she just won't listen to me when I tell her that she needs to tone it down so she doesn't get hurt. I guess though I've known I was going to hurt her from day one. Most of the story I don't like at all. I'm guessing that's because it's so unedited. Usually, I crazy rewrite everything as I go. Not doing that is making me hate my WIP. But I'm trying to keep my inner editor sedated and I'm doing a fairly good job. I think I just need a little push to get myself going again.
Something I'm hoping to do today, at least for an hour or so, is go to the write in at a local cafe, but the problem is I made plans with some people. The last write in I went to, the one that I basically organized, was fun and did help to see that other people were having as much trobule as I was.
Anyways... Here's a little tidbit for my story, probably the only part I actually like right now,

He thumbed my cheek, coming away with fresh tears.
“Just tell me. It will not chang…” I hastily slapped my hand to his mouth. I think I hurt him, but I did not say sorry.
“Please, do not finish that sentence. I can not bear to hear it. Not again,” tears were streaming down my cheeks once more, but for a different reason. All the people who had promised me that what ever dark secret I was hiding they would be there, they would accept it, flashed trough my mind. “I’ll tell you. But do not make promises you can not keep,” I was reminder of our first date, how he promised he would never hurt me, not if he could help it. I took a shaky breath, and made my self ready to make him a liar. “My parents raised me as… as a Wicca. I am a witch.” I was not ashamed of who I was raised, I was proud and comfortable with my religion. The only reason I kept it to myself this long was because of how quickly fear and prejudice could turn to hate. Hate that could turn violent, hate that had in the past had turned violent.
His hand dropped from my face, “You are a what?” The look on his face would have been comical if it wasn’t so heart breaking.

Remember, totally unedited. And so far form perfect. And with that, I say goodbye.

Good luck to my fellow NaNoers out there =]

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