Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Teaser! Finally.

I was going to post a new scene I wrote for VDGP, but after Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional came on in the car, I needed to work on The Freshman Affair. The song is perfect for Grace and Reece's story. Perrrrfect. I came home and wrote the following scene (and a bit more) in all of fifteen minutes. The words just flew out. I love when a song can inspire you like that. It's a great feeling.

Alright, enough talk. Here is said scene.

Grace and Reece were doing more talking than studying, no matter how hard Grace tried to force him to concentrate. Their Psychology books lay all but forgotten in front of them.

“Reece, shut up already. You’re already falling behind in school and I’m trying to help you,” She stabbed his book dramatically. “Let’s get to work already!”

“Pssht. I don’t need school. I plan on getting by on my looks, thank you.”

She tossed her pencil at him and frowns. Reece quickly pocketed it. “There. Now we can’t study. You seem to have lost your pencil.” His grin was cocky and triumphant.

Before he could react, Grace threw the book from her lap and launched herself at him. She tried to pin him to the ground and wrestle the pencil back from him, but he easily rolled her over, pinning her instead.

“Bad move, Reynolds,” Reece declared, then started to tickle her. Grace shrieked, struggled, and laughed loudly all at the same time. She was insanely ticklish, and Reece hadn’t forgotten.

Happy laughter bubbled out of Grace’s mouth as she tried to speak, “Puh… Please,” she giggled harder, “I surrender!” She practically shouted at him. “You win, stop! Stop!”

Reece nodded happily and stopped his assault on her. Grace met his eyes, tears in hers from laughing so much. Reece’s smile faded and a look of intensity replaced it. He was still on top of her, impossible warm and close. For a moment, she forgot herself and Tristan. She let herself be the girl in seventh grade who had been so in love with him. She let herself get lost in those beautiful hazel eyes that brought back such wonderful memories from her childhood.

Then he started to bring his lips to hers.

Grace scrambled out from under him. Standing up, she kept backing away until her back hit the wall. Reece sank back on his heels and wouldn’t meet her eye.

“Reece,” she began, “I can’t. Tristan,” Reece’s hand shot up in the air to stop her.

“I’ve got to go.” He packed up his things and left without saying another word.


J.S. Wood said...

Oh man, an almost kiss. Such a sweet scene. And who is the other guy? Maybe a love triangle.

Bee said...

Poor neglected homework.
This scene read like a swirl of laughter, tears and awkwardness -very sweet!

Becca said...

Soooo bittersweet! I was pushing for them to kiss. XD

Karla Nellenbach said...

dude, tease me with a not-quite kiss! you are such a tease!

Ang said...

I liked the scene but I don't think I've read about these two before so I was a bit surprised by the change :)

Amanda said...

Ang- There are a couple other teasers about them if you're curious. And I don't work on this story much right now. Gwen and Jay invade my thoughts too often to do so.

LizPage said...

Dashboard! I still love them, I'm actually going to their show this month! I'll think of this scene ;)
I love it!

Annie McElfresh said...

Dang it, I was already for hot lip action. ;) LOL Great snip love smexy tension.

Glen Akin said...

Well that sucks. So Reece can't get some loving? And what's Grace's problem anyway? It's not like she doesn't looove Reece. Man, go team Reece!

Amanda said...

Glen- Your comment made me laugh out loud. Thanks, I needed that.

Everyone else- thank you for the feedback. Always appreciated.

V said...

I LOVE almost-kisses. Better than actual kisses, sometimes. And I definitely wanted these two to kiss. I agree with Glen-- screw Tristan! Team Reece FTW! (Okay, so I don't know anything about Tristan, but whatever, man).

Well done, you.

Stephanie Jenkins said...

*pouts* I wanted to read a kiss! Great scene, though, and awesome teaser. :)

Kirsten said...

Juicy! Way to keep us wanting more. :)

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