Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Character CPR

VDGP (Which may have a new title soon) has been dying a slow, painful death. I've almost lost Gwen's voice completely. Hence the blog silence lately. No new writing means no new teasers.

Thankfully, I've thought of a way to hopefully revive this story. I'm going through and writing some Character worksheets (which is probably something I should have done in the first place). So far, I've only done Gwen's but this her voice is already starting to fill my head again. It's a great feeling.

Since I'm still new at 'seriously' writing (meaning trying to make money from it some day), I am still trying to find a way that works for me. I've read blog after blog about other people's methods, and have found one thing in common: ACTUALLY WRITING. Which is surprisingly harder than it sounds. I hope you will all stick with me through this insanely difficult journey that is writing.

So my faithful readers (even though I'm a less then faithful blogger), I am back in the game. Reviving my characters, my voice, and my motivation. Wish me luck. Because Jake Gyllenhaal says so.
And you can't say no to that face.


Madeline-Rose said...

I am totally wishing you luck if I get stare at his face all day. Who can say no?

JK. (Not about his face lol.)

But it sounds like you are back on the writing train. Wish I didn't miss the stop. :)

Ang said...

Good luck sis I love you

and you are silly...and if I wanted to I could say no to Jake's face...just for the record!

We have such different tastes in men it's unbelievable

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