Tuesday, April 13, 2010

VDGP Teaser

Since I usually post an intense scene from VDGP, I figured I'd show you that I do, sometimes, let my characters be happy. Here is a lighter scene between Gwen and Jay.

“I’m sure you’ll get used to it eventually. You are stuck with me for the rest of your life, you know.” I leaned back against him and breathed in his scent deeply. He smelled masculine and musky, like he been holed up reading old books for days. It was a smell I had come to know as home in the last two years.

Jay wrapped his muscular arms around me and met my eyes in the mirror, “My dear Gwendolyn,” I rolled my eyes at my full name but didn’t say anything. Even though I wasn’t fond of it, it never sounded better than when it came from his mouth, “tell me about the dream.” I sighed heavily and considered not telling him. I didn’t really want to drag it back to the surface but I knew deep down it would make me feel better if I talked about it. And who better to confine in then my friendly vampire boyfriend.

Just as I opened my mouth to tell him there was a scratch at the door and I heard our puppy Howie whining just outside the door. We usually let him sleep in the room with us but last night we wanted some alone time and it was surprising how fast getting your feet licked by a dog could ruin the mood. I smiled and Jay dropped his arms so I could open the door.

Howie, our three month old Rottweiler, came bounding in. He tried two times to jump onto our bed but keep sliding off of our silk sheets before Jay picked him up and sat him on the bed. Howie jumped on his chest and started licking his face. Jay fell back onto the bed, laughing. I watched the from the door and smiled. I may have lost my parents when I was eight, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have a family.

Howie stopped licking Jay long enough to turn and look at him. He barked firmly at me once as if to say, “Get over here silly!” before turning his attention back to Jay. I laughed wholeheartedly and went to join them on the bed. As soon as I sat down Howie jumped onto my lap and served me with my daily serving of morning kisses. Howie was usually playful and loving but whenever we left him to sleep in his dog bed in the living room, he acted as if he hadn’t seen us in days. I giggled as he assured himself that we were really there and hadn’t left him. When he was satisfied, he flopped himself into my lap and panted. He was growing so fast that in another couple months he wouldn’t be able to fit in my lap anymore. I scratched him behind his ears and turned to Jay smiling.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Teaser... Er... Thursday?

Since I missed out last week, and am posting this two days late, I figured I'd post two teaser today to make up for it a bit. And there's a reward at the end. Just for you guys. This first one is from The Freshman Affair.

She reached for the door handle, but stopped herself, suddenly nervous. She looked down at herself and straightened her gray skirt that fell just above her knees. At that moment, she was very glad she had decided to dress up a little this morning. She had paired the skirt with her favorite long sleeved blue v-neck that showed just a taste of cleavage and had a gray bird that trailed up her side. Quickly, she ran her fingers through her wavy brown hair, took a deep breath, and pushed through the door.

Reece had been pacing in front of the doors nervously, wondering what was taking her so long. Right when he had convinced himself that he should go back, just in case something happened to her, Grace came through the door.

She walked up to him and opened her mouth to say something, then closed it again. He tried to think of something, anything to say, but his mind was completely blank. Not a damn thing came to mind. All he could was stare at her.

In some ways, she looked completely different. The last time he saw her, she was about three inches shorter, her hair reached the middle of her back, and she was still a girl, small in more ways then one. Now she had grown up, in more ways then one. He couldn’t help it when his eyes grazed over her chest and he couldn’t stop the blood from rushing to the lower parts of his anatomy. When he managed to regain himself, he continued his inspection of her. Another thing that surprised him was that she had cut her hair so it barely rested on her shoulders. Before she moved away, her long hair was her favorite feature. She had adamantly claimed that she would never cut it above her shoulder blades. It took him a minute to decided whether or not he liked it but he noticed it framed her face perfectly, causing her fair skin and delicate features to be even more striking. As she had grown taller, the bit of baby fat she carried with her up until middle school had disappeared completely. Super model skinny, no. Healthy looking, yes. Even with all these differences, just underneath it he could still the girl he’d grown up with. His first real crush.

She’s beautiful. Reece had always thought so, even when they were just toddlers running around on the playground, but it was different now. She looked put together and mature. She looked young and hopeful. She was simply beautiful. And Reece was surprised when his throat tightened and his mouth ran dry. Grace was affecting him more than any girl had in years.

Finally, it was Grace who broke the silence first, “Reece Brooks. What a pleasant surprise.” Her voice was soft and even, as if she was completely calm.

Reece took a few breaths before answering, trying to bring that same level of calm indifference to his voice. “Grace Reynolds,” he barely got her name out before she flung her arms around his waist. Reece tensed up, surprised, but after a moment, relaxed and returned her embrace. Grace was about seven inches shorter than him so her head was pressed against his chest and he could rest his chin easily on her head.

He heard her mumble something against his chest so he pulled back, “What was that?”

Her eyes were full of emotion and Reece thought he saw tears welling up in her eyes but they never spilled out, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

And here is the second one, this one from VDGP:

It wasn’t hard to find the crime scene. First off, it was less then two blocks away from the street Jay and I had been patrolling the night before. That worried me more than I’d like to admit. Dante’s face crept into my thoughts but I pushed him away. If I thought about it, there was a very good chance I’d have a breakdown. Yet another thing I’d never admit out loud.

Secondly, there could be no mistaking the bright flashing lights of the cop cars, ambulances, even fire trucks. A van with the words City Morgue painted on the side went by us just as we found a place to park.

“Damn. There goes the bodies. I was hoping to avoid a trip to the morgue if I could.”

Riley nods, oddly silence. I touched his arm and he met my eye. “What’s wrong?” I asked, genuine concern filling my voice.

He shivered once, “There’s a reason I never go on any of these things. I’m not good with violence and dead bodies and cops.”

“You could have stayed home. I wouldn’t have held it against you.”

He scoffed, “Bullshit, I coulda stayed home. You knew the second you mentioned Dante’s name I’d go with you. I couldn’t leave you to face any of this alone, and you knew that,” he sighed heavily before visibly shaking himself, “I’m not mad. But don’t pretend I could be anywhere but here right now.”

I hung my head, ashamed. Riley was the only one I told the whole story to, even the parts about Jay. And I know I shouldn’t have. He was right. I did know he’d come along if Dante was involved. The truth was, I wasn’t the only one to lose part of my family the night my parents died. Riley’s parents and mine had been so close that Riley called them Aunt and Uncle, just as I did with his. If Dante could be a part of this in anyway, Riley would be by my side the whole way. And it wasn’t fair to him.

“I’m sorry. You’re not wrong. I did know you’d never say no. I just.. I couldn’t do this alone you know?” My voice wavered and I hated myself for it.

Riley put his arm around me and pulled me into a half hug. His lips pressed a kiss into my hair. “I know.” He held me like that for a moment longer, then let me go. Part of me wanted to wrap his arm back around me and hide in his arms, but I would never allow myself to do that. Not even in private, definitely not at a crime scene.

And now for your reward:

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