Tuesday, April 13, 2010

VDGP Teaser

Since I usually post an intense scene from VDGP, I figured I'd show you that I do, sometimes, let my characters be happy. Here is a lighter scene between Gwen and Jay.

“I’m sure you’ll get used to it eventually. You are stuck with me for the rest of your life, you know.” I leaned back against him and breathed in his scent deeply. He smelled masculine and musky, like he been holed up reading old books for days. It was a smell I had come to know as home in the last two years.

Jay wrapped his muscular arms around me and met my eyes in the mirror, “My dear Gwendolyn,” I rolled my eyes at my full name but didn’t say anything. Even though I wasn’t fond of it, it never sounded better than when it came from his mouth, “tell me about the dream.” I sighed heavily and considered not telling him. I didn’t really want to drag it back to the surface but I knew deep down it would make me feel better if I talked about it. And who better to confine in then my friendly vampire boyfriend.

Just as I opened my mouth to tell him there was a scratch at the door and I heard our puppy Howie whining just outside the door. We usually let him sleep in the room with us but last night we wanted some alone time and it was surprising how fast getting your feet licked by a dog could ruin the mood. I smiled and Jay dropped his arms so I could open the door.

Howie, our three month old Rottweiler, came bounding in. He tried two times to jump onto our bed but keep sliding off of our silk sheets before Jay picked him up and sat him on the bed. Howie jumped on his chest and started licking his face. Jay fell back onto the bed, laughing. I watched the from the door and smiled. I may have lost my parents when I was eight, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have a family.

Howie stopped licking Jay long enough to turn and look at him. He barked firmly at me once as if to say, “Get over here silly!” before turning his attention back to Jay. I laughed wholeheartedly and went to join them on the bed. As soon as I sat down Howie jumped onto my lap and served me with my daily serving of morning kisses. Howie was usually playful and loving but whenever we left him to sleep in his dog bed in the living room, he acted as if he hadn’t seen us in days. I giggled as he assured himself that we were really there and hadn’t left him. When he was satisfied, he flopped himself into my lap and panted. He was growing so fast that in another couple months he wouldn’t be able to fit in my lap anymore. I scratched him behind his ears and turned to Jay smiling.


Karla Nellenbach said...

this was a cute little piece. just goes to show you that you don't need tense, bloodthirsty scenes to have a great snip! :)

Anonymous said...

Definately cute but still kept me hooked the whole way through

Marilyn Almodovar said...

Oh this is so cute! I definitely want to know more about their life and what's coming. :D

Madeline-Rose said...

I loved it. You have a fantastic writing style.

Karla Calalang said...

Sorry this is so late! This is so adorable. Great snip!

Glen Akin said...

Man, this is really good. So glad you put teasers up. Learned a thing or two from your writing today :D

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Blood isn't everything. Unless you're a vampire. It was cute and swept in your narrative. Congrats on a job well done. Roland

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