Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sorry about the absentness that's been me lately. I've started working double shifts at my job so my online time has been cut in half. I'll try not to let it happen again.

With this teaser, I'm going to reveal what Gwen, Jay, and Chris do for a living (if you haven't figured it out yet). Welcome to the first fight scene.

A flicker of doubt enter my mind. Something was off here. For the most part, vampires were solitary creatures and very rarely banded together. Something bigger then a casual meal was going on here and I was sure we weren’t going to like it.

As if six against three wasn’t bad enough, two more beings exit the woods. These guys definitely weren’t vampires. For one, their skin was red. For another, they had no shot at passing for human. They had tiny spikes traveling down their arms and their faces were warped, void of anything remotely human. I flipped through my knowledge of demons breeds, like turning the pages in a book. My mind quickly found them.

“Chris,” I spoke quickly yet quietly, “Those are Belthrax demons. Guns won’t kill them, only decapitation will,” As I was speaking, I drew my short sword from it’s sheath, wishing it was my gun.

Without thought or discussion, Jay, Chris, and I formed a circle, each facing a different set of vampires. Jay and I made sure that the two demons were on our sides. For the first time tonight, I not only feared for Chris’ safety, but for mine and Jay’s as well. Usually I was so sure of myself and of Jay but this was far for a usual night.

The vampires and demons were slowly inching closer to us. Just a bit closer. We needed them close so we were still near each other, but not so close that we had no room to maneuver and we were effectively trapped. There. I lunged towards the closest vampire.
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